108 Panchatantra Stories for Children

4 Years to 10 Years
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108 Panchatantra Stories for Children
- Story Book for Kids
- Bedtime Stories
- 4 Years to 10 Years
- 56 fully colored glossy pages

Depicting the ‘five principle conduct’ about life, The Panchatantra Stories are timeless classics. Readers of all age groups enjoy reading and re-reading the Panchatantra Stories as they  impart profound wisdom and moral values about the conduct of life through simple narratives. Written in their present form by Pandit Vishnu Sharma, the Panchatantra Stories were narrated to impart worldly wisdom to king Amar shakti three sons. With these enchanting stories, readers especially kids will love to explore the adventurous worlds of their favourite animal characters and learn life lessons about friendship, courage, honesty, good, evil, deceit, hard work and integrity.

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