Rajini's Mantras - ENGLISH

Life lessons from one of India’s most-loved superstars
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Rajini's Mantras: Life lessons from one of India’s most-loved superstars

Paperback, 221

Life lessons from one of India’s most-loved superstars HOW TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE IN TRUE RAJINIKANTH STYLE! In Rajini’s Mantras, bestselling author P.C. Balasubramanian brings out the best life lessons from Rajinikanth’s iconic speeches, public interactions and performances right from his early days in the film industry. Rajinikanth, endearingly called ‘Thalaivar’ (leader) by his fans, is an inspiration to millions. His spectacular success story, from a bus conductor to one of the most-loved superstars in Indian cinema, is as gripping as a megahit. His life is an excellent blueprint if you want to understand how to achieve goals without compromising your values or individuality. Taking several incidents from Rajini’s life, Balasubramanian shows how an adaptable mindset, willingness to learn from experiences, persistence and making the right choices can help you stand out—just like the beloved idol. Moreover, the simplicity of each of these mantras highlights the positive influence you can have on society and those around you.

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