Muruga: The Lord of War The God of Wisdom

277 pages
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Muruga: The Lord of War The God of Wisdom
- 277 pages
Armed with a boon of eternal life from Lord Shiva, the most destructive Asura and his army have created havoc in the multiverse. The only person who can annihilate the dangerous Asura clan is someone born from the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti.
Six children are born out of six balls of cosmic fire created by Lord Shiva. On seeing these beautiful children, Goddess Parvati hugs them together and they immediately transform into a single divine being with one body with six heads—Lord Muruga.
Armed with his powerful Vel (lance), Lord Muruga starts fulfilling the sole purpose of his life—destroying the Asuras—even when he is a mere child. The Vel, a gift from his mother Shakti, is not merely a weapon for the destruction of evil, but is also an embodiment of the power of knowledge. The Vel is also the protector of the devotees of Lord Muruga.
There is, however, much more to the story of Lord Muruga. The lord of war is as comfortable with his Leelas as he is as the consummate warrior who ends the race of the most ruthless


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