Women and Sabarimala

The Science behind Restrictions
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Women and Sabarimala : The Science behind Restrictions
- paperback
- 104 pages
- 12.7 x 0.64 x 20.32 cm

Women and Sabarimala is an answer to the question "why aren't women of menstrual age allowed to enter Sabarimala?" This book presents a never-before discussed perspective on the science behind the restrictions on women in the Sabarimala temple.Women and Sabarimala is a rare book and is written from a woman's perspective, explaining the nature of the temple through India's traditional knowledge systems, such as Ayurveda, Chakras, Tantra and Agama Shastra. At the same time, the author's personal experiences simplify the understanding of these deep sciences, providing a glimpse into how temples impact the human physiology and, in particular, women's menstrual cycles. This book will change the way Hindu temples, especially Sabarimala, are perceived and experienced.

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