Shiva The Unborn Eternal

Author Name: Vignes Chandran | Format: Paperback,227 pages | Genre : Religion & Spirituality
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The Unborn Eternal

Author Name: Vignes Chandran | Format: Paperback,227 pages | Genre : Religion & Spirituality 

Ever wondered why Shiva carries a venomous snake around his neck or has the crescent moon perched on his head? Or perhaps, you have heard fables of the fascinating Third Eye of Shiva, and are eager to learn more about its origin and significance?

Why do people whisper into the ears of Nandi? How did the demon king, Raavana, emerge as such a devout bhakta of the Mahadeva? Or interestingly, have you heard of the name Jalandhara, the often-overlooked son of Shiva?

Curious to discover answers to the questions above, or looking to simply learn and explore more of Shiva and his tales from the past? This book will address them all, and more.

Making the read a much more intriguing one, the author will also visually take you on a journey of discovery, allowing you to virtually visit some of the most prominent Shiva abodes in existence today, with the historical Jyotirlinga temples, Panch Kedar and Pancha Bhootha Sthala making appearances.

Go on an adventure with Shiva himself, and discover through his stories the significant, ageless lessons that they fundamentally carry, relevant especially now in this age of Kali.

Vignes Chandran

Vignes Chandran is a free-spirited soul who finds happiness in discovering the world for what it really is, and not what it appears to be. Discovering life best through ventures such as hiking, and deep-sea diving as well as exploring ancient civilizations across the globe, he also includes spirituality, history, and mythology as other areas of interest, not to forget writing which has always been a passion of his.

‘Shiva- The Unborn Eternal’ is his third published work, a result of his desire to bring into prominence the ancient tales of Shiva through his very own journey and adventures with the Mahadeva. Through real-life images and accompanying descriptions, he has also shared his own personal experiences of visiting noteworthy abodes of Shiva such as the temples of Kedarnath, Thillai Nadaraja, and Kashi Vishwanath for the visual benefit of readers.  

Currently based in Malaysia, Vignes also calls Bali and India home and feels completely at ease high up in the mountains.

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